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Focus on Strategies Enabling Efficiency, Productivity,

and Profitability

Optimize All Areas of Operations

Contact CJ Consulting in Cordova, Tennessee today to set up an appointment with our consultants. We are eager to provide you with sage advice on matters of logistics, operations, marketing, and distribution.

Lean Distribution

This approach improves processes and eliminates waste in distribution. By providing teams with the tools, resources, processes, and culture necessary to reconfigure standard operating procedures, you are able to:

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  • Do Business Profitably
  • Improve Distribution Operations

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  • Operate More Efficiently
  • Reduce Wasteful Practices

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  • Work More Productively

The Win-Win Equation

The objective of any lean distribution program is to do away with all non-value-added processes. This way, you keep costs low while being able to give customers exemplary service.

Once you apply these practices, the following factors are effectively taken out of the equation:

1. Non-value-added activities causing lower efficiency levels, bottlenecks, and reduced productivity

2. Process and resource wastage hindering operations and increasing costs (in labor, order processing, and maintaining picking/shipping accuracy)

3. Inefficient product placement and slotting

4. Picking/packing/shipping errors through improved time shipping, order fill rates, and pick accuracy

5. Slow-moving and obsolete inventory in your facility

6. Transportation waste

7. Ergonomic issues reducing employee productivity

Efficient Inventory Placement

Cut down travel time when picking, packing, and shipping outbound orders and save on labor costs. Optimize inventory location within your facility to increase efficiency and productivity among workers.

How It’s Done

The structured lean distribution program we introduce is based on continuous process improvement principles and practices utilizing these concepts:

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  • Just In Time Delivery (JIT)
  • Kaizen Waste Elimination

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  • Managing for Daily Improvement (MDI)
  • Six Sigma – DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) 

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  • Standard Work

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Six Sigma - DMAIC is followed to improve overall operation in areas where your teams are not meeting customer requirements. We observe, collect data, analyze, review, develop, and implement a successful plan for your operating team by utilizing PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) processes. Desired levels of improvement in productivity, efficiency, and cost reduction are achieved by following

these methods.

To ensure that customers’ needs and company objectives are met, we implement a total quality management (TQM) philosophy covering all aspects of the business:

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  • Customer Service

  • Design and Production

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  • Employee Engagement

  • Marketing and Finance

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  • Operations and Logistics


As competition becomes even more daunting, companies need to develop more effective logistical strategies when confronting worldwide supply chain challenges. Keeping this in mind, we map out plans and provide clients with strategic programs aimed at leveling up logistical operations to global standards.

The Master Plan

When it comes to logistics, logic is king. By observing, collecting pertinent data, analyzing, creating, and implementing a sound plan, companies are able to achieve success in this aspect. We do the following to make

this happen:

1. Determine the measurement systems meant to improve your team’s operations.

2. Analyze how your company’s current logistics performance benchmarks fare against similar companies within the industry.

3. Work with clients to determine the steps necessary to improve their customers’ experience.

4. Identify the steps needed to reduce costs.

5. Engage employees to create a culture of having low turnover rates and high productivity/efficiency levels by utilizing tenured employee experience in the development of sound and successful strategies.

6. Review processes within your organization to ensure that these are the most efficient, productive, and cost-effective.

7. Review the team to determine if new or additional talents are necessary to improve operations in key areas.

Operations Consulting

Applying lean processes to both the distribution and manufacturing disciplines, we are able to develop and implement plans and strategies to make your teams more efficient and productive. Succeed in keeping overall costs down while being able to provide even better customer service.

How We Make It Work 

1. We use proven lean practices and concepts for both manufacturing and distribution operations to improve the operation.

2. Lean processes and practices are designed to be utilized in either manufacturing or distribution to effectively improve client operations in both sectors.

3. Our experts analyze your current operation (manufacturing or distribution) to pinpoint areas of performance, productivity, and process improvement.

4. We work with your teams to implement improvements and make sure that all these are manageable and sustainable.

Customer Experience and Marketing

While we can provide you with the tools and resources necessary to make your manufacturing or distribution operations more efficient, productive, and profitable, we realize how your company must likewise focus on performing at par with customers' expectations. This is crucial to retaining newly acquired customers and building a stronger rapport with regular clients.

Channel the comprehensive strategy and plan to bring all these components together. To turn your company into a fine example of operational success, acquire the right tools and resources. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Real Talk

With processes reconfigured to enable streamlined workflows in the various areas of operations, business success is assured. See how this impacts both companies, business owners, and teams:

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